Manchester has a robust employment market and is presently the fastest expanding city in the UK. A healthy employment market in the private sector is frequently favourable for jobs in the third sector. Manchester was formerly a bustling industrial city, and its ports remain a significant element of the local economy. Continue reading our Immediate Start Jobs Manchester – Top 10 jobs guide.

Immediate Start Jobs Manchester – Top 10 jobs

1. Housekeeper


A housekeeper is in charge of cleaning and arranging homes, buildings, or businesses. They often clean both interior and exterior places. Housekeepers are responsible for cleaning and informing the homeowner or management in charge of any safety issues. Vacuuming, dusting shelves, sweeping, cans, emptying garbage, mopping floors and wiping windows are among the immediate start jobs they must perform. Some Housekeepers handle little ironing and laundry, as well as changing bedding and washing dishes.

2. Member of the Kitchen Team

Member of the Kitchen Team

Prep chefs are employed in large and some small kitchens to handle fundamental tasks such as peeling, chopping, and portioning raw materials or producing stock and sauces. This allows more experienced chefs to do more sophisticated part time jobs. Prep cooks, sometimes known as chefs’ helpers, assist by constantly replenishing a busy station during service.

Apprentices are chefs in official training programmes who learn on the job and in the classroom. Typically, they are given a chance to learn all roles in the kitchen, starting with prep work and progressing to the line.

3. Operations Junior Assistant

Operations Junior Assistant

The Junior Operations Assistant is responsible for tasks that span the Enterprise. You will contribute to human resource management, financial management, and administrative assistance at the operations level. Your efforts guaranteed approval that we have the greatest possible societal effect. You are free to live anywhere you choose.

This position involves multiple duties and responsibilities. This position is best suited to a junior applicant who is eager to learn and has worked professionally for at least one year. They must be detail-oriented, organised, and committed to long-term planning.

4. Kitchen Supervisor

Kitchen Supervisor

As kitchen supervisor, you will be in charge of directing a small army of kitchen porters and monitoring the kitchen’s day-to-day operations, such as cleaning the equipment, inspecting supplies, and rotating the food supply. You’ll be in high demand at restaurants, hotels, bars, schools, hospitals, and ship catering departments.

It should note that some days may be spent at an office, ordering supplies, and so forth. You’re operating a kitchen. Therefore you’ll have to work split shifts and at least 40 hours a week, including some weekends, like the rest of the brigade. As with any culinary position, you may be required to work longer hours to fulfil the company’s demands.

5. Receptionist


A receptionist is a professional who supervises an organisation’s front desk. Customers frequently make their initial contact with them. Receptionists also handle a variety of administrative duties.

You will be our company’s first point of contact as a Receptionist. Our Receptionist’s responsibilities include providing administrative assistance across the business. You will greet guests and visitors to the establishment.

You will also be in charge of coordinating front-desk duties such as delivering letters and diverting phone calls and speak to someone.

6. Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment Consultant

Recruitment Consultants are in charge of advising their customers on the most acceptable and most appropriate recruitment and talent acquisition tactics. They are often in charge of locating, recruiting, and employing talent for their clients. Establishing a precise Recruitment Consultant job description is critical to attracting the ideal Recruitment Consultant for your requirements.

7. Library Assistant

Library Assistant

Library assistants help librarians manage and operate a library. Their key responsibilities include assisting clients in finding books, checking books in and out at the front desk, and shelving books according to their classification. They Assist employees in the collection, categorisation, preparation, and organisation of library items by established procedures. Help readers identify books, students, and faculty with research issues and reference concerns. In the absence of the Director or Head Librarian, keep the library running.

8. Nursery Assistant

Nursery Assistant

Nursery Assistants assist in caring for young children in places such as schools or community organisations. A Nursery Assistant resume example highlights essential work functions such as creating entertaining and instructive activities, providing meals, overseeing children during play, coordinating with staff members, and responding to distressed children.

Employers look for resumes that showcase strengths such as experience dealing with children, managerial capabilities, strong communication and interpersonal skills, proactivity, humour, and stress management. This position requires some knowledge of early childhood development.

9. Consultants in Beauty and Fragrance

Consultants in Beauty and Fragrance

Beauty consultants operate in retail environments, giving consumers advice, keeping counters clean and organised, displaying product benefits, and answering questions. They use their expertise in cosmetics and skincare products to assist consumers in finding goods that match their skincare requirements and represent businesses and their products.

Beauty advisers assess consumers’ skin types, problems, and fashion choices before recommending products that meet their requirements, likes, and budgets and showing how the items function. They handle client concerns and complaints, manage transactions and returns, and balance the cash register.

They create and maintain visually appealing displays, manage product inventories, and perform administrative and clerical activities like buying goods and maintaining client contacts through follow-up calls and email blasts.

They organise and attend in-store events, supervise door-to-door sales, and accomplish targets and goals.

10. Assistant Teacher

Assistant Teacher

A Teacher’s Assistant is generally fresh to the teaching profession and works alongside average instructors to get the experience required to advance to the next level. Instructors Assistants assist teachers in developing and implementing tailored lesson plans for current year students. Teachers Assistants will handle excess low-level labour such as grading exams, quizzes, and papers. This enables the principal to concentrate on giving the finest education possible to their kids.


Manchester is the UK city with the fastest-growing economy and the best job market. Its economy is now based on creative industries and financial services and little loans. Some of the best online stores, like Boohoo, Pretty Thing, and Asos, are based in Manchester. Here are the top ten jobs in Manchester that you can start immediately.

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