When things go awry, Hermes does not have the most exemplary reputation. The Hermes delivery person is fantastic. However, when it comes to shipping eBay or Vinted items, WOW, things go wrong. Obtaining a My Hermes contact may be very hard, but we put on our detective hats and dug out their contact information for you.

How Do I Contact Someone at Hermes?

How Do I Contact Someone at Hermes

The most straightforward approach to reaching someone at Hermes is to use the customer care number listed on the company’s website. Like most other businesses, Hermes has an automated menu system that is generally conventional and simple.

We may speak with a customer support agent after submitting our Hermes account credentials and shipment tracking number and attentively following the instructions provided by the automated menu system.

It is not always essential to speak with a person if the issue can be handled by machine-generated solutions already built into the system. However, it is crucial to remember that while phoning customer service, we can only reach a person within the time frame set by the organization.

Another option to reach someone at the Hermes office is to send an email to their official email address. Most reputable firms have an effective mailing system to reply immediately to client complaints. The mailing system gives consumers adequate time to organize all of their complaints, encouraging rapid resolution of their problems.

Another strategy to receive a sure reaction from the concerned firm is to utilize social media. Using the corporate account’s Facebook wall may get us a faster response than most other conventional approaches.

Some frequent considerations for customers

Some frequent considerations for customers

Item loss during delivery: It is very unusual for consumers to realize that the parcel they have been waiting for for a long time will not be delivered to them. It is disastrous for any business since it loses dependability, causing customers to go to other companies.

Damaged package delivery: This is especially common in the case of parcels transported across long distances. Even with adequate care, the uneven roads make it impossible to keep perishables safe for such a long period.

Customers are perplexed by how to utilize the digital system: Many customers, particularly the elderly, struggle with today’s technology. As a result, they often become the company’s doubt box, requiring a careful, step-by-step explanation of the whole procedure.

Tracking packages: Some customers (mostly first-time users) like to follow the status of their goods to guarantee timely delivery. As a result, offering straightforward shipping and tracking information is a massive responsibility for the customer care department, particularly for individuals who struggle to use tracking applications provided on the company’s official website.

Customer service companies are looking for specific skills

Customer service companies are looking for specific skills

Good communication skills: Someone who is not only proficient in more than one language but can also convey themselves in the simplest way possible. The individual should be able to communicate with the customer to comprehend and resolve their concerns with guaranteed approval.

Practical time management skills: It is common knowledge that customer service departments daily get hundreds of calls. As a result, an employee in such an area must exercise caution while allocating time to each customer. They must guarantee that no additional time is spent on one client while another waits for practical assistance to resolve their difficulties.

Technical know-how: No customer care provider can fix technical difficulties without sufficient technological know-how.

Patience: Although seldom recognized, this corporation’s sector puts its tolerance to the test every day. It is difficult to remain calm and level-headed when a client, after several explanations, does not comprehend the obvious answer to their problem.

Proper educational qualification: This division of a company, like any other, demands specific fundamental academic requirements from its personnel. However, the degree necessary differs per firm.

Now that we’ve collected enough information on why customer service departments exist, how people are employed there, and how to contact them, we’ve discovered a unique characteristic of certain businesses that eliminates the need for a middleman.

The rise of the digital assistant

The rise of the digital assistant

Every other organization has this one-of-a-kind chat function, which allows clients to get immediate responses from the built-in digital assistant software, which has previously been given the answers to specific commonly asked queries. Holly is the name of Hermes’ digital assistant. However, particular regulations must observe here as well.

Precautions to consider while speaking with HOLLY

Precautions to consider while speaking with HOLLY

Never include bank account information, passwords, or debit and credit card numbers in the query.

In the event of special issues about shipping products or a specific label, an attachment in an image or scanned document may be supplied.

Holly’s most significant benefit is that she is accessible 24 hours a day, unlike reps who only work for a set time.

Can I speak with a live person at Hermes Parcels?

Can I speak with a live person at Hermes Parcels

Sometimes you want to talk to someone to explain the matter, which a chatbot automated phone service does not allow. Perhaps you shipped a package, and the recipient claims it hasn’t arrived, even though tracking indicates it hasn’t moved for days.

It is most likely where you began looking on Hermes’ website (or Google) to learn how to talk to someone about it.

It’s impossible to speak to anybody since the corporation does not want you to. It does not provide its customer support helpdesk phone number, which we believe is unethical, but the number you need is 0330 808 5456. At the time of writing, this was operational.

The number is for assistance when shipping shipments rather than receiving them, but it does get you through to the firm itself, where you may perhaps talk your way to the proper department.


A customer care department may be a curse and a blessing for a business or a limited company. On the one hand, it saves its brand from being tarnished by a negative reputation. Still, on the other hand, certain idle areas of the same department become a commercial burden. So, bear in mind that a consumer’s complaint will be heard in some form, if not by email or phone, then via the digital assistant.

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