Glaswegians (or ‘weegies,’ as they’re called locally) are noted for their friendliness. So, if relocating there is in the cards, you will have no trouble making friends. You and your new friends may explore the city’s fashionable West End before going local and visiting one of Finnieston’s numerous smart coffee shops.

Take around some of the city’s spectacular gothic architecture before finishing your night at the legendary Sub Club for an actual weegie experience. You could do a lot worse than moving to this gorgeous Scottish city. Glasgow has a well-organised work culture. Let’s look at the top Immediate Start Jobs in Glasgow.

Best Immediate Start Jobs Glasgow – Top 10 jobs

1. Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative

As a member of the larger Customer Service team, you will be responsible for providing exceptional extensive Data Entry and Reporting to various team members and liaising with key internal and external stakeholders, including working tax closely with various contractors who support our clients daily.

This job needs knowledge of several internal systems and MSO (predominantly excel), excellent communication skills (both on the phone and via emails), experience working in a Customer Service capacity, and a desire to learn and assist a bustling and dynamic team. This is a permanent position that must begin immediately.

2. General Operators

General Operators

Operators are trained professionals that manage light or heavy equipment in various sectors and utilise their extensive expertise to conduct activities such as manufacturing items or performing repairs. Operators must pay close attention to detail, focus, and be exact in their tasks. Machine operators must be meticulous.

Attention to detail and attentiveness are two other qualities you want your Machine Operators to have. They should be able to concentrate for long periods while doing a repetitious job. They should also be detail-oriented.

3. Stores / Warehouse Worker

Stores Warehouse Worker

A Warehouse Operative is a member of a team that is responsible for delivering items to clients. Warehouse Worker is a low-skilled position. The function ensures that things are adequately packaged and tagged before loading and delivery. The duties comprise tasks like organising orders for collection and delivery. Warehouse workers are in charge of products in a stockroom or warehouse.

They receive, store, and ship the products, ensuring that no things are missing or damaged. Warehouse assistants are another name for them.

4. Estimating Assistant

Estimating Assistant

The estimator or contractor oversees the work of the assistant estimator. He serves as his right-hand man, handling all laws and paperwork. In the absence of the estimator, the assistant estimator is solely responsible for the ongoing projects. He should have a basic understanding of architecture and construction to monitor whether the work is proceeding appropriately.

The assistant estimator must be very competent in mathematics and other topics such as economics and accountancy. His profession involves a lot of numerical figures. Thus he should be skilled with numbers and computations.

5. Parcel Sorters

Parcel Sorters

Also known as mail handlers or mail processors, sort, examine, and process incoming mail for distribution. They work for enterprises, shipping firms, or state postal services, organising mail manually and using mail processing machinery to guarantee that items are delivered appropriately.

6. Labourer


A Laborer, also known as a General Laborer, is responsible for various duties that support everyday operations on a building site. Throughout the building process, their responsibilities include:

  • Loading and unloading of raw materials/tools.
  • Constructing scaffolding or other equipment.
  • Excavating or filling up trenches.

General Laborers are responsible for numerous manual duties such as digging trenches, unloading construction supplies, and preparing project sites. They assist workers with other vital chores using hand tools like shovels or picks while running machines.

7. Artist/Painter+

Artist Painter

A painter is a specialist who helps to prepare surfaces, mix paints for specific purposes, and apply them using brushes or rollers to fill in gaps or add colour to walls, panels and other things in the house, such as furniture or doors. Painters alter the look and texture of buildings, walls, and other structures using paint, tools, and materials such as plaster. They may work alone or in collaboration with other painters or construction workers.

8. Sales Manager

Sales Manager

Sales administrators accept and handle orders online, via phone, or by email. Their responsibilities include verifying order correctness, providing bills, keeping sales records, and generating monthly sales reports including tax credits. They may be required to communicate and coordinate with other departments to do product research.

A sales administrator has the job of assisting sales reps. This includes responding to client inquiries, offering quotes, and providing information such as stock availability, delivery dates, and pricing.

9. Customer Advisor

Customer Advisor

Customer Advisors strive to provide high-quality service to the clients they contact. Some Customer Service Advisors spend most of their time on the phone, assisting and advising consumers, while others interact with customers in person.

An advisor speak to someone with extensive understanding in a given field who uses their knowledge to guide and assist others. They add valuable expertise and knowledge to their customers’ short- and long-term success.

10. Delivery Driver

Delivery Driver

It is the duty to deliver various products to various addresses as allocated. It also comprises activities like collecting money as required and keeping a ledger of all the delivery. A high school diploma and a valid driver’s licence are required for this position.

It involves loading, transporting, and delivering things to customers or companies in a safe, timely way. Orders are reviewed before and after delivery to verify that they are complete, that the prices are exact, and that the client is happy.


For our next ultimate tour, we opted to look at bonnie Scotland and the city of Glasgow. Based on the banks of the River Clyde, Glasgow is Scotland’s most prominent, busiest and most beautiful city.

A once-famous industrial centre, the city has had a renaissance recently, with development in various industries, including digital technology, tourism, and the creative arts. Glasgow and its surrounding territories have a population of over 2.8 million people, accounting for about 42 per cent of the Scottish population.

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