Birmingham, in the United Kingdom (UK), is a popular location for prospective migrant workers. The world’s fifth-largest economy and Europe’s second-largest ranks 13 on human development indicators (HDIs). Tourism is a critical money source for this European country due to its rich history and worldwide cities such as Birmingham.

Other significant cities in the federation of four nations of Scotland, England, Northern Ireland, and Wales include Birmingham, Glasgow, and Leeds, where many migrants migrate for employment.

Because it is a developed country, workers are not required to work more than 48 hours per week, are given 48 vacation days per year, are paid far more than their counterparts in underdeveloped countries, and are entitled to social security benefits. Below are the Immediate Start Jobs Birmingham – top 10 jobs.

Immediate Start Jobs Birmingham – Top 10 Jobs

1. Cleaner


A cleaner is a person in the service business who ensures that the workplace is clean and hygienic. They are responsible for various tasks such as dusting, mopping, and sweeping floors. They also ensure that they clean toilets and communal spaces are by doing daily inspections at predetermined times. A Cleaner is in charge of all general cleaning in and around the facility or office building.

The task generally includes dusting, sweeping, mopping, sweeping, vacuuming, and cleaning the windows and doors. Another vital function of a cleaner is to ensure that bathrooms are cleaned, sanitised, and replenished.

2. Barista & Head Barista

Barista & Head Barista

The Head Barista primarily controls the cafe’s day-to-day operations. The Head Barista is responsible for keeping things running well on shift, ensuring workers are up to date on training, providing the best possible service to clients, and building excellent connections with management and suppliers.

The Head Barista ensures that proper security procedures are in place to protect employees, guests, and company assets, managing shifts while maintaining standards, product quality, and cleanliness, investigating and resolving quality and service complaints, and ensuring positive guest service in all areas.

3. Warehouse Operative

Warehouse Operative

A warehouse operator is a team member responsible for delivering items to clients. This profession includes correctly unloading things, meticulously packaging them into boxes, and gathering particular orders to deliver to individuals. It is also known as a factory worker or a picker/packer job. Sorting and arranging goods or things on racks and shelves are among the tasks of a warehouse operator.

Collecting materials throughout the warehouse, preparing and finalising warehouse orders for delivery or collection on time and performing warehouse inventory controls using a scanner or a computer.

4. Picker-Packer


Picker packers generally complete orders and help with inventory control at warehouses. They collaborate closely with suppliers and warehouse personnel to choose and process orders as they arrive. They must be acquainted with the warehouse structure and inventory and be able to choose and transport products as needed.

Picker packers must record the products they move to satisfy orders. Therefore, they must be detail-oriented and numerate. They pack things, scan barcodes, and transport parcels to the appropriate shipping point.

Picker packers evaluate commodities and products to verify they have the correct things, are not damaged, and nothing is missing from the order. Pickers and packers must preserve accurate inventory records.

5. Administrator


An Office Administrator is a professional that manages office operations for the company. They are in charge of greeting guests, scheduling meetings and appointments, and overseeing other administrative initiatives. An Office Administrator is mainly responsible for keeping meetings on track and ensuring everyone feels included. They greet guests and ensure that everyone understands where everything is. They may also answer phones to speak to someone and send emails on behalf of the firm.

6. Accounts Assistant

Accounts Assistant

An Accounting Assistant is a professional in charge of budgeting loans and keeping records. They also create invoices for customers or employers. Those in this position will be assisting with day-to-day duties directly connected to their profession. Thus accuracy is crucial. An Accounting Assistant creates budgets and records, sends bills for services or goods provided by firm personnel and is authorised by management. They manage cash transactions and other administrative tasks as required, such as producing financial report presentations.

7. Chefs and cooks

Chefs and cooks

Chefs are culinary specialists who have received extensive training in all food preparation areas. Their primary tasks include developing menus, supervising the kitchen personnel, and ensuring that the food is of excellent quality. Chefs and chefs make cuisine at restaurants and other eateries. They manage other culinary staff and operate a kitchen and, in some cases, an entire dining business.

8. Supervisors during Lunchtime

Supervisors during Lunchtime

Lunchtime supervisors assist students with various activities, including cutting up food and changing clothing. Cleaning up spills and illnesses, assisting with the clearing of food and stacking of tables and chairs after students have departed the dining hall, ensuring that students do not leave the school grounds or enter prohibited locations

9. Welcome Ambassador

Welcome Ambassador

The Welcome Ambassador greets incoming guests, interacts with them in the lobby, promotes hotel services and F&B outlets, and directs them to the Concierge.

10. Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative

Customer service executives serve as the support system for businesses that often contact their consumers. These specialists assist businesses in developing and maintaining good connections with their consumers and clients’ working taxes. Knowing more about this job might help you determine whether or not you want to pursue it.

These individuals are responsible for various tasks, including answering phones, replying to client enquiries, and aiding with customer difficulties. They are often in charge of front-facing responsibilities that directly influence a company’s client experience.

They may also lead a team of customer care representatives and train them on how to handle consumer inquiries.


As a job seeker in the United Kingdom, you may work up to 20 hours per week and full-time during vacations if you are on a study abroad programme in a recognised institution. The National Minimum wage for a student aged between 16 to 20 is £5.3 per hour, and for 21 or above is £6.7 per hour.

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