Birmingham, formerly home to Thomas Shelby and the Peaky Blinders, is today teeming with students searching for part-time work. The central campuses, Aston University and Birmingham University attract students from around the nation and the globe.

Over the weekend, you may go shopping at the Bull Ring. There are many places to drink in addition to its lively commercial street.

Broad Street is a popular destination for travellers, and with large-scale nightclubs like Pryzm, you’ll be spoilt for choice on a Friday night! Examine our part-time jobs in Birmingham and apply now!

Part-Time Jobs Birmingham – Top 10 Jobs

1. Graphic Designers with Creativity

Graphic Designers with Creativity

Creative designers use their design abilities to promote a business or its goods and services. Creative designers are employed by publishing, broadcasting, and advertising firms. Graphic designers, industrial designers, and multimedia artists are examples of creative design occupations. Graphic designers make posters, websites, logos, brochures, magazines, and a variety of other things to express ideas and information graphically.

2. Film director

Film director

Some well-known filmmakers began their careers as children using a Super 8 camera. Nowadays, you have several possibilities. A few filmmakers have gone on a mobile filmmaking adventure, filming their subsequent work using their iPhones.

Fortunately, several organisations encourage youngsters and teens to pursue careers in filmmaking. Look for competitions that have or do not have a reward. Besides money and sophisticated equipment, positive reviews may help advance your film career.

3. Signwriter/Lettering Artist

Signwriter Lettering Artistb

Why emphasise lettering? Graphic designers, illustrators, and lettering artists are hired by businesses and individuals to develop logos for them. Lettering artists who prefer analogue approaches may also be hired to create menu boards for restaurants and pubs.

Whether you want to specialise in letters or become a flexible designer is up to you. To get started in the creative area, display your work online on portfolio sites, contact firms, and enter contests.

4. Kitchen Helper

Kitchen Helper

This comes as no surprise… McDonald’s recruits workers as young as 16 and pays them £6.00 per hour. Working in a fast-food business places a high strain on every employee. You’ll constantly be on the go and must pay close attention to detail.

Aside from learning about food preparation and other topics, you will undoubtedly enhance your customer service and communication abilities. Don’t you like fast-food restaurants? Visit local eateries in your area to see if anybody is looking for work. Connections are also beneficial.

5. Grocery Store Stocker

Grocery Store Stocker

For example, Tesco, Pets at Home, and numerous other small independent retailers use adolescents to stock their shelves. At the start, see it as a game. It takes time to figure out which products belong where, the more shifts you do, the quicker you will become. If the shop provides bagging services, you may be summoned to the checkout counter from time to time. Customers will also have a lot of inquiries.

6. Cashier


It’s one of the most stressful occupations, particularly if you’re the only one serving clients and the line in Lidl, Tesco, Sainsbury’s, or other supermarkets is becoming longer and longer. It becomes much worse during bank holidays. You must handle many payment methods debit or credit card, vouchers, employee discounts, cash, etc. while quickly scanning items.

Sometimes you’ll question your coworker about producing codes, or you’ll provide them assistance. Regardless of the difficulties and problems you endure, you will profit from your experiences later in life. You’ll improve your communication abilities and gain patience.

7. Bartender


If you don’t like fast food but want to work as a barista, look into Costa Coffee, Starbucks, or independent cafés in your area. You’ll learn a new trade while making money on the side. Some people, for example, take barista classes to learn more about coffee and how to make it. After a few cups of coffee, you’ll know which button to push on the coffee machine to produce espresso, americano, cappuccino, latte, and many more variations.

8. Babysitter


Babysitting has previously been named one of the top occupations for teenagers in the UK. You may use the apps to find a part-time or weekend babysitting job based on your desire and feel comfortable. Remember that you may always ask others in your social circle if they need someone to look after their children.

9. Retail Sales Representative

Retail sales representative

Gap, H&M, Banana Republic, Old Navy, Banana Republic Factory Stores, Athleta, and Intermix are among the apparel stores that recruit kids as young as 16. (For instance, Zara and other Inditex enterprises employ at the age of 18.) Make a list of the stores in the nearby shopping mall. (Alternatively, do a fast internet search.)

E-commerce has gained ground as a result of COVID-19. Retailers have taken note of this as well. As a result, store managers assign specific retail sales staff to handle internet orders. They search for things, pack them, print the invoice, working tax and address packages, and gather them all in one location for delivery.

10. Cinema Team Member

Cinema Team Member

While working at a cinema seems thrilling, it is impossible to work in all of them. Your local indie cinema may have an entirely different age restriction regulation. Before applying for positions at a cinema to sell and verify tickets, serve food and beverages, or speak to someone a few words to audience members, gather the relevant information.


Do you plan on getting a job during your time while studying in the UK? Several students who study abroad also have part-time jobs to boost their income.

It teaches you how to be more responsible with your financial decisions and gives you excellent work experience in the UK: You’ll have the opportunity to network and make new friends, as well as acquire new skills applicable in various settings.

But what types of jobs do students often get into after graduation? And how much do you make for each hour that you work? The 10 jobs listed above are great options for anyone looking for part-time work in the UK.

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