Lincoln is a city in East Midlands. Lincoln Cathedral, the Museum of Lincolnshire Life, the Magna Carta and the Charter of the Forest are among the must-see sights in the city. Sign up for our website and browse the positions below if you want to find a student job in Lincoln.

Lincoln boasts a plethora of intriguing theatres and locations to visit, as well as the Lincolnshire International Chamber Music Festival! For shopping, visit the city’s distinctive vintage stores and antique centres, as well as the traditional markets in the city centre.

Jobs in Lincoln – Top 10 Jobs

1. Customer Care

Customer Care

A Client Service Representative (CSR) is the initial contact point for any customer with a query or problem with one of the company’s products or services. They are responsible for various tasks such as taking incoming phone calls, responding to client inquiries regarding goods and services and processing payments or refunds.

A customer care representative’s primary responsibility is to handle and resolve client concerns promptly and effectively.

Support representatives communicate with customers across various channels, including phone, email, and social media, and ensure that any genuine customer problems address as soon as possible.

2. Retail Positions

Retail Positions

Getting experience in the workforce may be accomplished quite successfully by working in retail. You will see a significant improvement in your ability to interact with others and communicate, and you will also have the chance to earn money while in school.

3. Phlebotomist


The Phlebotomist collects blood samples from hospital patients for analysis or medical reasons. As a phlebotomist, you will collect blood samples from patients, which will test in a laboratory, and the findings will use to detect illnesses and disorders promptly. Patients may be concerned about having their blood drawn, so you must reassure and relax them. It is one of the best part time jobs as a social service.

4. Medical Records Clerk

Medical Records Clerk

Monitoring patients’ health records are the responsibility of a medical records clerk at a particular hospital. The filing of records, assisting with audits, and acquiring information are all part of their tasks. The term “health information clerk” is another name for these professionals.

This employment requires you to have a diploma from an accredited high school and some relevant work experience.

They are accountable for accurately capturing the information about the patients and maintaining accurate medical records for the attending physician or other medical professionals.

5. Cashier


A cashier seldom enjoys a leisurely, stress-free workday between processing high-volume transactions, interacting with customer service, and safeguarding store property.

A well-written job ad can help you attract the proper individuals, creating a fast food cashier job description, a grocery store cashier job description, or an advertisement for another relevant function.

Receiving payments with credit cards, providing receipts, gift-wrapping gifts, and keeping track of all cash and card transactions are all cashier tasks.

6. Store Helper

Store Helper

You’ll be naturally friendly and eager to start collaborating with your team to achieve remarkable achievements. You’ll be excited to learn new talents in several sectors. You are concerned with providing a positive shopping experience for consumers, assisting them in locating what they want and conversing with them along the route.

7. Front-desk personnel

Front-desk personnel

Greet merchants, customers, job seekers, and other guests, and make transportation arrangements as required. Maintain staff and department directories to guide visitors. Use a switchboard to route incoming calls and make outgoing calls.

Maintain security by adhering to regulations, keeping a logbook, and giving visitor badges.

High school graduation or its equivalent is required, as well as 0-2 years of experience in the field or a similar sector. Familiarity with frequently used ideas, techniques, and processes in a particular profession. To accomplish job tasks, rely on instructions and pre-established guidelines.

8. Personal Travel Consultant

Personal travel advisors are tasked with the responsibility of counselling clients on suitable travel options that are suitable for them based on the needs, preferences, and talents that they possess. They also help customers arrange trips to domestic or international destinations, including tours, lodgings, transportation, insurance, and airfare.

A specialised individual who works with you to organise your upcoming vacation is a Personal Travel Advisor. They will help customers in locating the holiday that best suits them.

Their tasks include making connections for their customers to locations and vacation hubs that their customers would like, as well as offering activities that their customers may participate in while they are on vacation.

9. Officer of Student Support

For a smooth e-learning delivery, student support services are a very important component. Their primary goals are student retention, achievement, and pleasure. The various institutions should advance policies and plans to design and deliver student support services.

Student services contribute to the quality of students’ learning experiences and academic success, as well as to the reduction of university dropout rates and the expansion of students’ life diversity, by encouraging and establishing open methods of making rational decisions, resolving conflicts, and preparing documents.

10. Team Leader

Daily, you will be in charge of overseeing, managing, and inspiring team members. You will be the team leader’s point of contact for all team members. Thus, your communication skills must be exceptional.

You should also be able to act proactively to ensure that team operations run smoothly and effectively.

Supervisors are specialists that monitor an organisation’s day-to-day operations by seamlessly executing management choices in their unit while concentrating on a few essential issues.

Team Supervisors also convey organisational requirements and monitor staff performance to give direction and assistance for individual development needs. These obligations propel people to succeed in their roles or careers.


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