Norwich is well-known for its cultural offerings, one of the many reasons it draws so many students. Norwich offers it all, from museums to festivals, galleries to theatres. Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery has one of the country’s most significant collections of fine art and attracts tourists from all around. Norwich has something for everyone, whether you want a calm day or a wild night out. Explore the jobs below to discover what part-time employment is available now.

Jobs in Norwich – Top 10 Jobs

1. Financial Consultant

Financial Consultant

Financial advisers counsel customers on investing, and working taxes, estate planning, college savings accounts, insurance, mortgages, and retirement. Personal financial advisors, financial planners, financial advisers, financial service advisors, and investment advisers are other terms for them. Contacting clients and setting up appointments, performing in-depth evaluations of clients’ financial problems, and assisting customers in understanding the nature of their connection with their money are all responsibilities.

2. Communications Director

Communications Director

A communications director’s responsibility is to establish the message’s tone and represent an organisation’s ideals. They are responsible for creating partnerships with media outlets, devising strategic marketing strategies, and dealing with internal and external public relations difficulties.

A great director of communications will know how to communicate with the public, media, and other parties to ensure that your firm is always presented in the best light possible.

They may call in to soothe anxieties or mend relationships after terrible incidents or poor press. In any case, they are critical to any company’s long-term health.

The applicant would expect to use their communications management experience, skills, and creative flair to execute initiatives across several communication channels.

3. Engineering Manager

Engineering Manager

The Director of Engineering reports directly to the Head of Engineering, who presides over the whole Frontend and Backend development teams. He is responsible for the vision, design, strategy, and execution of integrated online platforms that support the company.

The ideal applicant should be a great leader with the capacity to encourage and inspire others while also offering excellent education to kids. The Director of Engineering is in charge of all engineering operations in a corporation.

Establishing a precise Director of Engineering job description is critical to recruiting the most OK Director of Engineering for your demands.

4. Church Development and Care Manager

Church Development and Care Manager


To efficiently manage the entire administration of the church so that the physical, technological, and operational infrastructure is organised in such a manner that the clergy and other staff members are free to focus on their specialised tasks. The selected applicant will oversee church construction projects and collaborate closely with personnel and stakeholders. The ideal applicant will be creative and problem-solving savvy.

5. Senior Marketing Manager

Senior Marketing Manager

The Senior Marketing Executive’s responsibility is to collaborate with the Head of Marketing and Customer Experience to design and execute marketing activities that deliver on the marketing strategy while remaining aligned with overarching strategic corporate objectives. This immediate start job is incredibly diverse, including a wide variety of duties. The selected applicant must empower students to boost their employability and career prospects.

6. Purchasing Manager

Purchasing coordinators handle their companies’ purchases of goods and services. They act as a go-between for their firm and its suppliers during negotiations. They are obliged to evaluate suppliers, negotiate new arrangements, renegotiate old contracts, and place product and service orders.

Purchasers, also known as buyers or buying agents, acquire products, tools, and equipment for their business or for resale to clients. Purchasers work full-time in the office, doing market research, inventory management, and various other tasks.

Purchasing coordinators handle their companies’ purchases of goods and services. They act as a go-between for their firm and its suppliers during negotiations.

They are obliged to evaluate suppliers, negotiate new arrangements, renegotiate old contracts, and place product and service orders.

7. Plumber


A plumber, often known as a pipefitter, is a person who repairs damaged pipes and drains, instals pipework in new buildings, and retrofits or enhances existing plumbing. Their responsibilities include measuring and cutting lines to length, welding joins for a leak-free connection, and utilising the appropriate line and material for the work. Candidates must have a level three certificate in Plumbing, Building Regulations, and ACS Domestic Natural Gas.

8. Project Officer for Outreach

Project Officer for Outreach

Job duties include researching and developing strategies and plans to uncover marketing possibilities, direct marketing, and new project creation. Creates and administers marketing and associated budgets, as well as overseeing the creation and administration of internal operations budgets. The position will be responsible for designing, organising, and executing outreach activities targeting young people presently underrepresented in higher education.

9. Customer Assistant

Customer Assistant

As a Customer Assistant, you will be responsible for taking incoming calls, identifying customer needs, responding to emails, directing callers to the appropriate teams, establishing connections, and recording information about discussions and interactions. Customers of a firm are attended to by a Customer Service Assistant, who is also often known as a Customer Service Representative. They are responsible for various tasks, including taking incoming calls, responding to customer concerns, and selling a company’s products or services.

10. Induction Coach

Induction Coach

New employees get familiarised with their new profession or job function inside an organisation via induction training, which is part of human resource development. New employees familiarise themselves and assist during the induction training process, which is a systematic training focused on the firm, the workforce, and the job design.

In a nutshell, the primary purposes of induction training are to provide newly hired employees with the information, resources, and hands-on experiences that will assist them in expanding their skill set while also making a positive contribution to the firm’s overall success.


Do you love interacting with others and speak to someone for solving problems? Then apply now for the part-time jobs in Norwich that we have available. They are an excellent method to hone your skills while earning a living. If you want fun and flexible work, apply now for our Norwich bartending and waiting positions. They are ideal for managing alongside your academics, allowing you to make money while maintaining your grades.

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