The number of graduates in York has steadily increased during the last decade. Every year, many young professionals relocate from their hometowns and university towns to bustling cities to begin their professions.

Maintaining a good standard of living while pursuing a job might be difficult. Cities such as Manchester provide many full time and part time job options, while Edinburgh stands out for encouraging a good work-life balance. However, smaller cities may occasionally achieve a perfect balance of these variables.

Jobs In York – Top 10 Jobs

1. Crew


If there is a crew, the leading role is to greet passengers on board and escort them to their seats. Inform passengers about safety practices and ensure all hand baggage is securely placed. Before takeoff, ensure that all seat belts and galleys are securely fastened. Make remarks on the pilot’s behalf and answer questions throughout the flight.

In the United Kingdom, the average cabin crew income is £22,449 per year. Cabin staff may anticipate a basic wage of £14,000 to start, plus an hourly flight rate, in-flight commission, and incentives. The remuneration of a cabin crew member improves with experience and competence.

2. Registrar


The Registrar is in charge of the administrative side of the patient’s visit to the ambulatory clinic. Registration, insurance verification and notification updating financial and demographic information, reception, and other responsibilities as assigned are among the activities.

  • In the computer system, enter or update patient demographics and financial information.
  • Create a patient chart and record patient data.
  • Check Medicaid and other insurance coverage.
  • Process specimens and accept lab alert values.

3. Patient Escort Service

Patient Escort Service

A patient escort works with a patient one-on-one to meet their urgent needs, allowing medical professionals to treat others in their care. Your responsibilities include transporting patients from one unit or area to another. Individuals may also be transferred from a wheelchair to a bed and vice versa.

Transports patients to and from patient floors (on stretchers, wheelchairs, or strolling). Makes sure that the patient’s details and destination are correct. Uses good body mechanics to assist nursing personnel in moving patients to and from bed, stretcher, or wheelchair.

Before putting the patient on transport equipment, disinfects the wheelchair/stretcher and wash their own hands.

4. Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative

Members, providers, and potential members get complete customer care from the Customer Services Representative. The primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to, recording all customer contacts in the tracking system, processing complaints, conducting outreach efforts, assisting in PCP selection, conducting new member orientations, handling claim review inquiries, and handling provider and utilisation management inquiries, and so on.

5. Patient Care Technician

Patient Care Technician

The primary duty of a patient care associate is to watch, monitor, and record patients’ status by collecting temperatures, pulses, respiration, and weight—communication with patients, family members, and caregivers aids with clinical responsibilities. Infection prevention and control, food, personal cleanliness, general reassurance, comfort, and safety are all part of personal care.

They offer personalised patient care, taking vital signs and monitoring volume flow. Prepare or carry out a variety of operations such as primary dressings, patient washing, enemas, and so on. Accept and document vital signs and patient history from clients or family members.

6. Laboratory Technician

Laboratory Technician

Your primary responsibility is to support biomedical scientists with their lab work, and your first obligation is to inventory equipment and materials and purchase fresh supplies. Following that, you label and sort blood samples for a haematologist and verify that the samples are appropriately preserved.

They do clerical and other responsibilities linked to laboratory specimen processing. He knows the Department’s and the Hospital Center’s philosophy, standards, goals, and policies.

7. Hearing Screening Technician for Newborns

Hearing Screening Technician for Newborns

As a newborn hearing screener, you will perform hearing tests on newborns as young as a few days old in the hospital. You must have excellent communication skills and an eagerness to learn; we will give you the remainder of the necessary training.

On a typical same day, you will do newborn hearing screenings, generally in the hospital room of a new mother, and educate parents about the necessity of the screening using video and written resources provided by us. In addition, you will be in charge of recording patient data and validating hearing screenings as required. Additional tasks may include:

  • Assisting with an outpatient appointment confirmation or rescheduling.
  • Following up on any equipment difficulties.
  • Training new personnel.

8. Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant

Medical assistants are in charge of administrative and clinical responsibilities, such as keeping patient records, preparing patients and rooms for examination, aiding doctors with examinations, and performing front-desk duties. Medical assistants usually work in doctor’s offices, hospitals, and other healthcare settings.

9. Clerk


A Clerk, often known as a Bookkeeper, is in charge of administrative chores that support everyday corporate operations.

Their responsibilities include:

  • Answering phones and emails.
  • Keeping an ordered file system.
  • Refilling office supplies as required.

Attending meetings, taking minutes, and drafting agendas for future meetings are typical tasks and obligations—upkeep and build credit, troubleshooting office equipment such as computers, printers, and fax machines.

10. Patient Transporter

Patient Transporter

A transporter is in charge of transporting patients to designated healthcare institutions while assuring their safety on the road.

Transporters help with lifting and positioning patients in beds and wheelchairs, carefully adhering to timetables and reporting any potential delays promptly, safely delivering healthcare supplies and laboratory samples, and responding to patient enquiries and requests.

A transporter must constantly follow the health organisation’s safety rules and procedures and have a thorough understanding of medical services.


York, without question, is the UK city with the most immediate start job prospects. The city’s vibrant economic, cultural, and social activities would have contributed to London receiving a high score in the majority of the metrics. The disparities between London and the other cities are too significant to quantify under the same circumstances.

The capital’s complexity prevents an equivalent comparison from being realised. As a result, although London provides the most excellent prospects, it has been removed from the research because of its status as the bustling capital of the United Kingdom.

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