Doncaster is modifying its behaviour and looks to make the most of its advantages as the most well-connected area in the United Kingdom.

Whether you’re a resident, a business owner, or just passing through, Doncaster has everything you want or need, including gorgeous new homes, top attractions, a growing international airport, employment possibilities, and substantial commercial initiatives.

Exciting things may find in Doncaster. As a result of its location in the epicentre of a considerable and growing tourist and cultural offering, it is rapidly developing into a destination in its own right. There are plenty of job options in Doncaster. Continue reading our guide to top 10 Jobs in Doncaster.

Jobs in Doncaster – Top 10 Jobs

1. Server


Do you like interacting with others? If so, being a server may be the career for you. Serving jobs are virtually always available in the UK, whether you work in an on-campus restaurant or a classic British pub. If English is your second language, you will also be able to develop your speaking and listening skills in a fast-paced setting, which is a huge advantage.

You may get tips in addition to your salary. But don’t anticipate much Because tipping isn’t as standard in the UK as in other countries, such as North America.

2. Assistant Professor

Assistant Professor

Working as a teaching assistant is an excellent part-time jobs for students in the UK. You will be able to assist with lectures, offer feedback to students, and, most importantly, get professional UK experience in your business or field of study. Teaching assistant roles are often designated for graduate or postgraduate students. However, there are sometimes places for undergraduate students to help with lower-level courses.

3. Tutor


If you want a profession that has an effect, tutoring might be a good choice. Depending on where you work, you might teach children, teens, other university students, or persons with special education needs (SEN). Employers may need you to have a degree in the topic you’re instructing, so keep that in mind if you’re an undergraduate student.

What’s more, the most delicate part? Tutoring is a highly well-paid part-time employment, so you’ll still make a comfortable living even if you spend a few hours each week!

4. Dog walker

Dog walker

Are you stressed out at university and seeking a method to relax? Consider a dog walker. Simply being near a dog may reduce cortisol levels – the stress hormone. Walking your dog may also help you get your daily exercise and reduce loneliness. What more excellent work could there be?

5. Retail Employee

Retail Employee

There are generally several immediate start jobs available around the UK, particularly during the hectic holiday season in November and December when shoppers flock to the shops. Working in a bookshop, pet store, clothes store, technology store, or any other business that interests you will allow you to test your customer service abilities on the sales floor. In addition to the employee discount, you might earn a commission on the things you sell!

6. Translator


Speaking a second language might make you a more appealing candidate in the UK employment market – and it can also open new chances! Being a translator, for example, is one of many wonderful part-time careers in the UK for international students. This career will keep your language abilities strong, whether you’re translating articles, research, marketing content, or corporate websites.

Furthermore, translating is a talent that you can use for the remainder of your career; even if you aren’t a linguist by profession, translating may be a terrific side hustle down the line.

7. Research Associate

Research Associate

If you are a graduate or doctorate student, your institution may offer you the opportunity to work as a research assistant. As a research assistant, you’ll most likely be paid on a salary rather than by the hour.

Although many of these employees are full-time, one-year commitments, some part-time opportunities are available. Overall, working as a research assistant is a fantastic chance to work on cutting-edge research, be mentored by industry thought leaders, and be published.

8. Receptionist in a hotel

Receptionist in a hotel

Do you want to meet individuals from all around the world? If that’s the case, why not work in the hotel industry? You’ll be able to hone your customer service and language abilities and speak to someone like a hotel receptionist. Furthermore, colossal hotel chains often give excellent workplace incentives, such as discounted stays in places across the globe. It’s an ideal career for students who like travelling on a budget.

9. Bartender


Working as a barista might be a terrific profession if you like coffee and early mornings. You’ll also learn how to brew a variety of delectable cocktails. You’ll also become a true coffee connoisseur. Yum!

10. Prepare the cook

Prepare the cook

As a prep cook, you will prepare meals, follow orders from the head chef, and maintain good food hygiene in the kitchen. You’ll learn how to prepare a wide variety of foods and cuisines, and you’ll be able to practise your new recipes at home to wow your friends and roommates.

The skills you gain as a prep cook – chopping, sauteing, baking, frying, broiling, and everything in between – will last a lifetime. Why not give it a shot?


With a thriving economy, Doncaster boasts a wide range of work options for you and your family, including significant warehousing and distribution businesses, world-class engineering and technology, a firm manufacturing offer, and much more.

Doncaster is a fantastic area to live. Doncaster full-time students may work 20 hours per week during the semester and full-time during university holidays. Students pursuing a degree may only work 10 hours per week while studying full-time.

Once your visa is issued, all this information will be mentioned. It is important to remember that as an international student, you are not permitted to work for make yourself, even for a few hours each week. Your company must provide you with a written contract.

Some institutions also have employment limits, so consider them before applying for a job.

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