The balloon column (sometimes called a balloon tower or pillar) is a classic party decoration. A DIY balloon column may seem intimidating if you’re new to balloon decorating, but it’s much more manageable.

This course will make use of a practical, reusable balloon column kit. It includes a stand and balloon rings, making it MUCH easier to construct a balloon column that can rival the pros. (If you don’t want to buy the kit, check our spiral balloon column instructions.) These columns take time to make, but they will provide a unique touch to your party without breaking the bank.

Examine all balloon materials and colors to fit your party theme (balloon columns may be customized for almost any occasion, from baby showers to graduations!) For the top, use a giant rubber balloon or Super Shape. Are you prepared to wow everyone with your balloon column creation? Continue reading our guide on how to make a balloon tower.

How to Make a Balloon Tower?

You will need the following items

You will need the following items

  • Balloon Column Construction Kit
  • 24 decorative balloons “for the top (latex or Super Shape)
  • 12th “a total of 32 balloons in chosen colors (plus extra for breakage)
  • Electric balloon pump
  • Screwdriver for column stand assembly
  • Use a garden hose or a faucet to fill weights.

1. Create the column structure

Create the column structure


The structure is tricky, but the time spent is worth it. It may be used for future meetings and takes the guessing out of building a straight and robust column.

Fill the base of your balloon column stands with water, then build your platform according to the package instructions. Make sure you have at least 25 minutes and a screwdriver handy!

2. Use an electric balloon pump

Use an electric balloon pump

You’ll need an electric balloon pump to quickly and easily inflate toy balloons with air. Otherwise, use a small balloon pump or enlist the help of a friend to blow them up in an old-fashioned manner.

Make sure all of your balloons are the same size to get a professional look. You may build a balloon sizer out of a poster board (measure the correct size with a compass and cut out the circle) or compare each balloon to your first inflated balloon before you tie a balloon. It takes some time, but it will significantly impact the result!

3. Fill all latex balloons with air

Fill all latex balloons with air

Fill all of the balloons you’ll need before beginning to build the column like balloon arch to save time. You may mix and match colors to meet your theme. To complete your column, you’ll need 32 latex balloons.

4. Secure your first balloon

Secure your first balloon

Locate the clear plastic disc closest to the base of your column. Slip the knot through one punched hole and place the first balloon underneath the disc. Make sure the knot goes through to keep the balloon snugly in place.

5. Complete your first layer

Continue to add balloons by connecting them to the disc’s other holes. Each disc transports four balloons.

6. Continue


Make a new layer in the same color. Continue using two layers of four balloons in each color as you make your way up the column.

7. The finishing touch

Fill a 24″ latex or giant foil balloon with air to top up your balloon column. You won’t need helium since the giant balloon will be held upright by the plastic cup included in your order. Make sure you slide the balloon’s end through the cup before attaching it to the top of your column.

Making a Balloon Column Stand

Make balloon duplets

Make balloon duplets

Inflate four 11-inch balloons in two colors. To check the size of your balloons, use the sizer.

Then link their necks together (this column cluster is known as a “duplet”): holding balloon necks in your hands, placing one channel on top of the other, weaving them together, stretching them slightly, and tying them into a tight knot.

You may find this exercise difficult if you lack experience: your balloons may deflate somewhat each time you handle them. As a result, you may tie the necks of balloons (using thread) and then link them!

Check for burrs, knots, or rough spots on the surface of your board and, if necessary, clean them using sandpaper.

Insert the pipe flange into the center of the board and secure it with the screw. Screw the conduit directly into the flange. That’s all; your tower stand is complete!

Make balloon quads

Bind two duplets into quads by wrapping them once through each other. It should note that different colors should be opposite each other. You may now connect your squares to the pole of your pillar.

Build all other clusters in the same way and thread them onto the pole, pressing one element against the other.

Make the remaining column clusters

Make the remaining column clusters

Repeat all of the manipulations, but have your balloons slightly underinflated (about 8″) this time. As a result, we will create a fascinating spiral design based on the concept. Continue working from left to right, such that each following part rotates 90 degrees.

Make the last pillar clusters.

Inflate two pairs of 5-inch balloons, each of a different color. Repeat the preceding stages’ procedures, creating quads one by one.

Install the last piece on the pole

Apply the final touches

Take 4 underinflated 11-inch balloons and repeat all of the preceding processes.

Finally, let’s make a tower’s top: Connect an 11-inch fully inflated balloon to the center of your finished cluster. This element should be similar to the “crown.”

Check that all of your tower components are in their proper positions; change any of them if necessary.


Balloon garlands are popular because they are the easiest and least expensive way to create a bright and colorful party. Discount Party Warehouse has created a video that shows you how to build your balloon tower like a pro. In just 30 minutes, you can use it to enhance your front entry or doorway and assist your guests in immediately recognizing where the entrance is.

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