Act as though you are royalty, to begin with. Windsor is a must-see for anybody with even a passing interest in the British monarchy, with a name steeped in history and an ongoing tie to the British royalty. Is Windsor a popular tourist destination as a result of this? Sure, but can you blame everyone? The town is home to some of the country’s best afternoon tea, exquisite restaurants, and the Queen’s favourite palace. When did you last see England at its most charmingly English? Windsor might be the right one.

Things to Do in Windsor – Top 10 Things

1. Go to a casino and try your luck

Go to Casino and Try your Luck

There are four casinos in the Detroit–Windsor area, with Caesars Windsor being the only one in Windsor. If you don’t want to gamble, the views from the bar, which is situated along the riverfront and overlooks Detroit, are still worth seeing.

The casino, themed after the Roman Empire, attracts approximately six million visitors each year. Play poker, blackjack, craps, or baccarat at Caesars Windsor, or try your luck at one of the casino’s countless slot machines.

2. Travel across time

Travel Across Time

It’s no surprise that Windsor boasts multiple National Historic Sites, given its rich history. See these one-of-a-kind constructions by travelling back in time. One of the city’s most important historic landmarks is the Willistead Manor, a Tudor-Jacobean-style manor house designed by architect Albert Kahn. The house has 36 rooms and is situated in the middle of a beautiful lawn.

3. Take a bike ride

Take a Bike Ride

The Roy A. Battagello River Walk Bike Trail is a must-see if you like the outdoors and cycling. The course starts at the Ambassador Bridge and proceeds through the city for eight kilometres.

Downtown Windsor and many municipal parks, including Dieppe Gardens and Windsor Sculpture Park, are accessible through the bike path. Other trails, such as the Russell Street Neighbourhood Trail and the La Salle Trail Network, are connected.

4. Take a look at art

Take Look at the Art

One of the most excellent aspects of Windsor is that you can do this both indoors and outside. Take a stroll around Windsor Sculpture Park, which has 35 large-scale sculptures with paving slabs floor.

Visit the Art Gallery of Windsor if you’d rather stay indoors. Since its inception in 1943, the gallery has grown tremendously.

5. Have a good time in a water park

Have a Good Time in Water Park

You could enjoy swimming at Adventure Bay Family Water Park on a hot or cold day. The 10,000+ square metre water park is open all year, with certain portions only available during the summer.

All ages may enjoy the waterpark’s five waterslides, surfing simulator, wave pool, and lazy river. A dry part with a three-level huge playground is also available for children to enjoy.

6. Take a stroll in a garden

Take a Stroll at Garden

Windsor offers various stunning gardens with artificial grass where you may spend a day. These may be found all across the city, but Coventry Gardens is one of the best. Coventry Gardens is a 28,000 square metre park situated on the riverfront. The park was founded in 1931 and included several historical monuments.

7. Visit the beach

Visit the Beach

Windsor does have a beach. It locates in the city’s extreme northeast corner, close to the mouth of the Detroit River.

Sandpoint Beach, commonly known as Stop 26, is the most popular beach in the area and is available from May 24 to September. A magnificent park surrounds the beach for relaxing, sunbathing, and picnics.

Spend a hot summer day windsurfing, boarding, swimming, or walking along the Ganatchino Trail and take in the sights. Grilling locations, volleyball courts, shade treed spaces, ice cream kiosks, and other concession booths.

8. Harmonize with nature

Harmonize with Nature

Parks, pathways, and animal reserves dot the 350-hectare Ojibway Prairie Complex. It is a fantastic spot to visit if you prefer to be surrounded by nature.

The complex is separated into five regions: Ojibway Park, Black Oak Heritage Park, and the Ojibway Prairie Provincial Nature Reserve. Aside from wandering through the complex, you may also attend a fee-based educational course or watch one of its presentations.

9. Take a walking tour

Walking Tour

What started as a French parish has developed into a community that has seen several faces during its history. Ford City is a community focused on the Canadian Ford Motor Company.

Within the planned town, there are several examples of varied styles of architecture, many of which were developed by or for immigrants who came to work at the massive automotive factory. Take a walking tour of Ford City to discover more about this intriguing suburb.

10. Attend a festival

Attend a Festival

Windsor is a culturally rich city, so it’s no surprise it holds multiple annual festivals and events. Some of these partners with Detroit, while others are specific to Windsor.

The Windsor-Detroit International Freedom Festival is the most significant festive festivities in the two cities. The festival, which takes place on Canada Day (July 1) and the Fourth of July, involves one of the world’s most extensive fireworks displays.

If you prefer music, don’t miss Bluesfest International Windsor in July; if you love movies, head to the Detroit Windsor International Film Festival in June. In August, there is also the Windsor Emancipation Celebration Festival.


Windsor, Berkshire, is a tiny town on the south bank of the Thames, 22 miles west of London, and it boasts numerous tourist alternatives and amusing things to do. It retains a beautiful mediaeval character with its lovely old half-timbered houses, winding tunnels, and cobblestone walks.

Windsor Castle, one of the Royal Family’s principal residences, is a significant tourist landmark in the town. Whether you’re travelling from London or elsewhere in England for a day excursion, plan to spend most of the day here (and pack a lunch). There are so many critical historical things to do and see.

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