We’ve compiled a selection of Leicester’s most informative and entertaining websites. These should be on your shortlist if you are active or interested in the Leicester property market, especially if you want to keep up with breaking news and events. 

These real estate websites cover everything from house buying and selling to locating and managing investment properties, celebrity homes, the real estate business, interior design, and more. We hope you discover some new blogs that will inspire and enlighten you about your real estate interest!

Advantages of Using Leicester Estate Websites

Local expertise

If you want to sell a property in your neighbourhood, you’ll want someone with local experience to assist you. When you use an internet estate agency, you give up local expertise for a pittance of money.

An experienced local realtor will be well-versed in the region where you reside, which means they will have a solid grasp of property pricing in your neighbourhood. This implies that your estate agent will be able to earn you the most money from your house by listing it at the best possible price.

Reputation in the community

Suppose an estate agent is well-known and well-known in a region. In that case, they will have established a reputation for trustworthiness, and individuals searching for a home in the area will be aware of their excellent reputation.

People wanting to buy a home will almost certainly contact a reputed local realtor as their first point of contact when they begin their search.

This agency will have an extensive list of possible purchasers they can contact after you allow them to sell your house, in addition to being the first place people will go when seeking to invest in a new home. They may already have the ideal buyer lined up for your house, so it may not be long until it sells!

Geographical place

Whether an estate agency is established online or not, most agents market their homes online. It enables them to reach the most significant number of people as rapidly as possible.

Although we all use the internet, if you’re not explicitly looking for a new home, you won’t find any. It is considerably more difficult for consumers to bypass a physical place, ensuring greater attention for your property.

Houses for Sale Leicester – Top 10 Websites to Check Details & Buy

1. Real Estate & Homes

Real Estate & Homes

The Evening Standard’s Homes & Property website and supplement is an excellent resource for London real estate professionals and hobbyists. The inclusion of national and international news. 

As well as pieces on celebrity houses and decor make this an enjoyable and informative read.

2. Zoopla Explore

Zoopla Explore

Zoopla, the world’s largest private limited aggregator, has just raised the stakes with its Discover resources. Zoopla’s guidelines cover various topics for buyers, sellers, renters, and landlords, positioning the company firmly for UK dominance. 

‘Zooplomas’ are free courses for which you may join up. Meanwhile, the Treehouse blog has some lighter real estate tales.

3. HomeOwners Association

The Home Owners Alliance website is an excellent resource for home buyers, sellers, and owners. Free counsel coexists with businesses and services aimed at making your life simpler. 

HomeOwners Alliance, in addition to offering this knowledge, is a prominent champion for homeowners’ rights.

4. Houzz


Houzz is an encyclopaedia site for both professional and amateur interior designers. Find ideas by topic or space, and search a massive database of specialists for any home improvement project you can think of.

Why not browse an extensive range of homewares and furnishings and receive expert design assistance? Interiors are devoid of frills!

5. Boomin


Boomin is a newbie to the rental property online industry. However, it has had a significant impact in a short period. This is due in part to its blogging and social presence.

The Boomin site’s Property News, Advice & Guides area is jam-packed with helpful information for landlords, tenants, purchasers, and everyone

6. Property Week

Property Week

Property Week is a reliable source of information in the UK property market. Property investment and real estate trends focus on Property Week’s coverage. It also delivers in-depth reporting and analytical research on the sector’s most urgent issues.

7. Today’s Estate Agent

A comprehensive news source for estate agents in the United Kingdom. Letting Agents Today, Property Investor Today, and Landlord Today are sibling periodicals of Estate Agent Today. 

They provide a collection of periodicals covering the complete range of issues essential to real estate professionals.

8. Property Industry Eye

A reliable, independent news source for the UK real estate industry, Property Industry Eye gives you the latest and frequent essays from industry insiders, including Zoopla CEO Charlie Bryant and Vanessa Warwick of Property Tribes.

9. Landlord Zone

A site dedicated only to landlords, Landlord Zone offers landlords the most recent news headlines. There are also forums, podcasts, opinion articles, and other features. The website also contains a download centre for all the necessary documentation.

You’ll need it as a landlord in the United Kingdom. Check-in and check-out paperwork, a Right-to-Rent Declaration, and several particular tenancy documents are among them.

10. HomeViews

The resident insights like those found on the HomeViews website are not available anywhere else. More and more homebuyers and renters are looking to HomeViews for reliable, verified evaluations of residential projects.

It helps them decide whether to purchase or rent. Their blog gathers and disseminates these thoughts, complementing the HomeViews Business, which delivers industry insights based on our unique data


To make the sale of your home a smooth one, there are several things you should do beforehand. Moving to a new house, or even selling your present one, is a complex process! One of the most critical aspects of selling your present property is speaking to someone and selecting an estate agent, which isn’t as simple as it seems with many available alternatives. 

Although there are several estate agency choices accessible today, such as all of the online, purportedly cheaper, agencies, staying local is still the best way to sell your house.

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