Although the UK property website sphere is still in its early stages, few have been operating effectively for some time. The blogs mentioned below address various topics such as property investing, buy-to-let, and refurbishment.

The site must provide helpful information, not be unduly self-promotional, and be updated on a semi-regular basis to make a list. Please keep checking back as we want to incorporate any good arrivals as soon as it is evident that they are in for the long haul.

It is critical to distinguish between online property portals and online estate brokers. While high street and internet agencies typically only display their own homes on their websites, property portals will feature properties from various agents, individual sellers, and landlords.

Continue reading our guide to the houses for sale in Northampton – top 10 websites to check details & buy.

Houses for Sale Northampton – Top 9 Websites To Check Details & Buy

1. Rightmove

Rightmove provides a solution for you whether you want to sell your house or purchase a new one. Their business plan is to concentrate on organic development in the UK property advertising industry by offering property marketers looking to reach the ideal audience of UK house movers. This is the most significant property site in the United Kingdom.

2. Primelocation

Primelocation is one of the UK’s largest property websites, specialising in assisting buyers in the medium and higher levels of the market. Everything at is geared toward offering an efficient medium for people wishing to purchase, sell, increase rent, or lease excellent home improvement in the UK and abroad.

This website has over 5 million monthly visits and promotes homes from over 16,000 estate and letting agency branches, including all major national companies.

3. Zoopla

Zoopla combines hundreds of thousands of property listings with market data, local information, and community features to help people discover their future homes and investigate the market.

This website is one of the fastest-growing in the UK, with over 40 million monthly visitors. provides its consumers with a range of services, including intelligent property search tools that allow them to filter, sort, and modify their results in various ways.

4. Nestoria


Nestoria is almost a vertical search engine. Its purpose is to make finding UK property as simple as possible. Lokku is a limited company that owns Nestoria.

They are a small team headquartered in London with a solid history in internet search. We are a member of the Mitula Group. This website is one of the most popular UK Real Estate search engines.

5. Spareroom


As the name suggests, this website isn’t your average real estate website for selling and purchasing houses. Despite this, is one of the top real estate websites in the UK.

Every 3 minutes, someone on SpareRoom finds a housemate. Their team of actual people checks every ad on SpareRoom regularly, so you can be sure that your safety is our main concern while using our service. is the finest site to post your ad whether you seek your ideal roommate or want to become one!

6. Propertypal


This website is one of the UK’s most popular local property websites. You may be sure you’re in excellent company when using PropertyPal.

This website is a must-see for real estate professionals, homeowners, movers, buyers, and sellers. Every minute, the site handles 175 property searches.

That’s over 10,500 new searches on every hour, assisting local property buyers year-round in finding their dream home. Isn’t it amazing?

7. Find a Hood

Find a Hood

Find a Hood is a place to be if you know what you want (and, more importantly, don’t want it).

To begin, users are asked to rank the relevance of twelve main variables of rental properties on a scale of 1 to 10, ranging from occupation spacing to crime rate and religion, and to complete a brief questionnaire.

The technology will automatically match their requirements with the hundreds of alternatives in its database, providing tenants with the finest tailored selections. It’s almost like magic.

8. Gumtree


Gumtree, founded in London in 2000, has over 20 years of expertise in assisting its consumers in finding the most excellent prices on the rental market.

Tenants may personalise their profiles and bookmark their favourite homes. The visual is attractive and straightforward, allowing customers to contact landlords in the most precise manner possible.

Bonus: the platform is operational almost anywhere around the globe, so start planning your next vacation.

9. Placebuzz


Placebuzz is a good, user-friendly property search service that links customers to thousands of houses for sale and rent throughout the UK. Along with various properties, Placebuzz offers unique resources such as region guides, which enable users to learn more about specific areas around the nation.


In the United Kingdom, the websites Rightmove and Zoopla are considered the most effective property search platforms. If you restrict your search to just two locations, you run the risk of missing out on the opportunity to purchase the home of your dreams.

This information surprises you. Many other websites provide additional search options or a specialised emphasis, which is excellent if you want to live by the ocean, in a new house, or seek student or retirement housing.

In recent years, property websites have become essential to house purchasing and rental.

They provide buyers and renters with a one-stop-shop for possible new houses and enable sellers to enhance the number of individuals visiting their property significantly.

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