Are you planning to purchase a home and ready to begin your search for the ideal property? Here we have listed the best sites that has houses for sale in Cardiffhave.

It is essential to realise that online property websites are not the only location to search. You could also look at the websites of local real estate brokers (not all of them are on the portals). The value of cultivating connections with local real estate agents should never underestimate. After all, they have their ears on the ground and are in touch with the local market.

However, for many people, an internet portal is their first port of contact.

If you’re seeking to purchase, the amount of ‘for sale’ property listings on a website is an essential issue. Remove all ‘under offer’ or sold listings to receive an accurate view of the number of available homes for sale. While having more options does not automatically suggest that a website is better, it may help ensure that your choices are not limited.

Let’s go exploring.

Houses for Sale Cardiff – Top 10 Websites To Check Details & Buy

1. Home


Home is a real estate internet website that has been operating since 1996 and is still going strong today. It features the most appealing and engaging database, which is incredible for all property dealings. The agents working with Home have always shouted the company’s praises, and the dealers’ needs are always met. The home real estate website is well-known for its efficient search and speedy answers with top-tier help.

2. Homes go Fast


Homes go Fast has been in the market since 2002 and is one of the principal online property and real estate platforms. It benefits property owners, landlords, and those who increase rent out their homes. People looking for the most significant property in the UK will profit significantly from their top-performing real estate website.

3. Net House Prices


Net House Prices are a corporation that launched its website in 2004 with a selection of entertaining and unique houses. Their website is regarded for providing consumers with the most satisfactory house purchasing experience possible while advising them to make the best choice possible.

4. Trovit


Trovit is an internet website that works in numerous industries such as items, homes, full-time and part-time jobs, vehicles, and so on. The organisation operates on a global scale via its website, which features property dealers from all over the globe. They provide a smooth home purchasing experience to house purchasers via their real estate website. Trovit has been the most popular real estate website for many years.

5. OnTheMarket


OnTheMarket is the most well-known of the smaller property search engines. It is a simple and easy-to-use property platform with a vast inventory of property for sale and rent from the UK’s top estate agencies. This site offers properties 24 hours before they appear on Rightmove or Zoopla.

6. PrimeLocation


PrimeLocation, as the name implies, mainly targets consumers buying, selling, and renting houses in the middle and top levels of the property market. This platform receives around 5 million visits monthly and has listings from over 16,000 premium estate and rental agencies (Strutt & Parker, Knight Frank, etc.). Listings for unique foreign properties for sale are also available on Prime Location. Zoopla is the owner of Prime Location.

7. Placebuzz


Placebuzz is a promising and simple-to-use property search service that links users to thousands of houses for sale and rent around the UK. Along with various properties, Placebuzz offers unique resources such as region guides, which enable users to learn more about specific areas around the nation.

8. Boomin


This entirely new property portal will be formally launched in April 2021 and aims to be the most potent property website ever. The search feature is simple to use, using standard criteria and filters.

Boomin’s actual distinction is its MatchMaker tool, which connects prospective buyers and sellers. Buyers might inform sellers that they want to reside on their street and urge them to enter the market. Before entering to market, sellers may identify serious and interested purchasers.

9. Nestoria


Nestoria quickly emphasises that it is a property search engine, not a property site. This site functions more like Google, Yahoo!, or MSN, aggregating information from property sites across the internet. Nestoria brings you to the listing site when you click on a property you’re interested in. This contrasts with the other property websites mentioned in this article, where the listings and information are kept on their websites.

Unlike other property websites, Nestoria generates money from advertising rather than charging estate brokers to display their homes.

10. Property Heads

Property Heads

Property Heads is a social networking site for the housing market with an integrated property portal that provides users with listings from estate agents and local home improvement renovation firms, distinguishing it from Rightmove, Zoopla, and OnTheMarket. We enjoy the notion of their pricing per square metre function for comparing houses side by side.


Your search will likely start on a real estate website or app, whether you want to buy, sell, or rent a new house in the UK.

The portals have become so popular that peering through an estate agent’s high street office window to check their listings feels antiquated. It’s critical to remember that whichever gateway you use, it’s for the person selling the property, not the buyer. While the tools are helpful, their primary purpose is to create leads for estate brokers. So, although they are accessible to purchasers, they market properties.

Portals are, first and foremost, marketing tools designed to increase interest in those selling property.

Other smaller competitor portals are available, each with its own set of search features, such as neighbourhood filters that enable you to prioritise things such as commuting time or nearby parks. But how they compete with Rightmove remains to be seen.

So, which UK property website (or app) should you use? I’ve put my top ten below, but please let me know if you disagree!

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