Nottingham is located along the Trent River and the East Midlands of England. The city is famed across the globe for its connections to the tale of Robin Hood and his Merry Men. His impact may see throughout the city, including a statue outside the castle. Reason for someone to pay a visit The following are some of the best things to do in Nottingham.

Boots, the British health and beauty conglomerate, was founded in Nottingham. Nottingham is also well-known for its music, with numerous notable music venues, such as Rock City, a must-see during any visit. Many famous musicians hail from the city, including Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson, Deep Purple drummer Ian Paice, and singer-songwriter Jake Bugg.

Things to Do in Nottingham – Top 10 Best Things

1. Nottingham Castle

Nottingham Castle

A visit to Nottingham Castle is at the top of the list of things to do in Nottingham. Nottingham Castle sits on a sandstone outcrop riddled with caverns and tunnels. The first fortress, built by William the Conqueror, was occupied by a series of English monarchs until falling victim to the English Civil War.

2. Wollaton Hall

Wollaton Hall

Designed by architect Robert Smythson in 1588 for coal magnate Sir Francis Willoughby, Wollaton Hall rests on 200 hectares of grounds frequented by fallow and red deer. Tours run 45 minutes and take you through opulent chambers from the Tudor, Regency, and Victorian eras.

3. Nottingham Contemporary

Nottingham Contemporary, a contemporary art gallery described by the Guardian as “the most exciting gallery in the UK,” is located in the famous Lace Market. Caruso St John Architects designed the green and gold structure, which opened in 2009.

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The building has received the RIBA Award and is one of the UK’s most prominent modern art galleries. Richard Birkin developed the lace in the mid-nineteenth century. The concrete front of the gallery is encrusted with a cherry blossom lace discovered in a time capsule buried at the building’s site. The gallery showcases a variety of rotating exhibits by artists from throughout the world.

4. Visit National Ice Centre

You can go ice skating in Nottingham all year! Whether an expert or a novice, the National Ice Centre is a terrific location to try out a new sport with your friends. When you produce your student ID, you can hire skates and spend an hour on the ice for £5.50.

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If you work up an appetite, the Centre also has a café, bar, and grill.

5. Go on A Ghost Tour

Everyone enjoys a good ghost tale, and Nottingham, a historic English city, has many of them! A ghost walk is ideal if you want to learn more about Nottingham’s history while exploring sections of the city you would not typically visit.

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Your guide will tell you about the ghosts that are said to wander the city’s streets at night and will take you to eerie locations such as haunted mansions and subterranean caverns underneath the city. You may select from various tour firms that provide ghost walks around the city, although most walks take between 90 minutes and 2 hours and cost about £6.

6. Sherwood Forest

Sherwood Forest, famous for being the home of Robin Hood, is one of the world’s most well-known historic woodlands. From the site of a landmark Viking meeting spot to the only surviving colony of the rare Hazel Pot Beetle, this lovely country in the heart of Britain continues to unveil hidden mysteries.

If you’re looking for things to do in Nottingham, Sherwood Forest provides adventure, leisure, and, if you’re fortunate, something extra special hidden away!

7. Post for a Photo with Robin Hood Statue

One of Nottingham’s most recognised monuments is the Robin Hood statue near the castle. Having your picture taken here is a tradition! Robin Hood is a well-known figure in British history. However, no one knows for sure if he was a natural person or not.

According to folklore, he resided in Nottingham’s Sherwood Forest and was in love with a local lady named Maid Marian. Nottingham is proud of its link to the famous outlaw, and there is even a street in the city centre named Maid Marian Way. The Robin Hood statue is one of the most challenging sculptures to lay a patio.

8. Visit to Wollaton Hall and Park

Wollaton Hall, erected in the sixteenth century, is one of the outstanding specimens of Elizabethan architecture in the United Kingdom. It’s nestled on 500 acres of beautiful parkland with artificial grass, home to a variety of natural animals, including 200 deer!

The mediaeval mansion currently houses Nottingham’s Natural History Museum, which has a collection of 750,000 pieces. Stuffed animals, birds, and actual insects – you may even brush a Madagascar hissing cockroach if you like! The most incredible thing is that both the museum and the deer park are free to enter.

9. Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms

The logic block is a fun puzzle-based live escape game for small groups of 3-5 people. The aim is straightforward: escape from the chamber or room in 60 minutes using only your brains, logic, and collaboration while solving all of the riddles and mysteries.

10. Nottingham Skirmish Paintball Games

Nottingham Skirmish Paintball Games

Skirmish Paintball Games is one of the best things to do in Nottingham. Arm yourself to the teeth and go all guns blazing in some of the most exciting paintball gaming zones. You may have an adventure at this paintball location while ducking and dodging paintballs, dispatching foes, and claiming victory.


Nottinghamshire’s unitary authority area. It is a tourism hotspot in the East Midlands area since it has the region’s most significant number of overnight visitors. The city is well-known for its historical links, particularly in manufacturing sectors like lace-making, bicycle manufacturing, and the tobacco business. 

It was designated a “City of Literature” by UNESCO in 2015, a well-deserved honour given its history as the site of rivalry between the corrupt Sheriff and the benign Robin Hood. What should you do at this location to make your visit memorable? The following list is the top ten things to do in Nottingham.


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