Leicester, formerly known mostly for Walkers Crisps and Gary Lineker, was relatively unknown culturally until the 2010s. However, the discovery of King Richard III in a local car park in 2012 and the memorable 2016 Premier League triumph have put the East Midlands city on the map—and with cultural renewal, a rebuilt city centre, and loads of fantastic places to visit, it’s a viable destination.

There is something for everyone,

  • The city’s burgeoning bar and cuisine scene
  • Developing an independent arts sector
  • Greenery for nature enthusiasts
  • If you’re visiting Leicester, these are the most important things.

Continue reading our guide to the best 10 things to do in Leicester.

Things to Do in Leicester – Best 10 Things

1. Richard III Visitor Centre

King Richard III Visitor Centre

The Ruler Richard III Visitor Centre is a top natural site in Leicester, erected immediately adjacent to where the bones of the 15th-century king were found in 2012. The Visitor Centre, which opened in 2014, tries to emphasise Monarch Richard III’s turbulent life and death as the last monarch of England to die in battle.

The Visitor Centre was created inside a former school and Victorian Revival edifice, blending the old paving slabs with the present with interactive exhibits and cutting-edge technology.

2. Leicester Cathedral

Leicester Cathedral

Leicester Cathedral, located just across the street from the Visitor Centre, is another must-see for anybody interested in King Richard III’s beliefs. The church, founded about 1089, became the king’s ultimate resting place when he was reinterred here in March 2015. The church is also a pleasure to see, with stained-glass windows, stunning interiors, and the magnificent royal tomb.

3. National Space Centre

National Space Centre

Due to its sheer size, the National Space Centre in Leicester has become the UK’s most crucial astronomy and space research attraction. Rainy-day fun at the Space Centre includes galleries, a rocket tower, games, and the UK’s largest planetarium — all of which provide educational and entertaining entertainment for the whole family. Head to Leicester’s National Space Centre if you want an out-of-this-world experience.

4. New Walk Museum and Art Gallery

New Walk Museum and Art Gallery

The earliest museum in Leicester, constructed in 1849, is the New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, which showcases a little bit of everything.

This museum has dinosaurs, ancient Egypt, and German expressionism, as well as a Victorian gallery, with exhibits spanning from cultural and natural history to fine art, including dinosaurs, ancient Egypt, and German expressionism. Admission is free, and the New Walk Museum and Art Gallery are worth your time with their diverse collection of artefacts and exhibitions.

5. Newark Houses Museum and Gardens

Newark Houses Museum and Garden

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The Royal Leicestershire Regiment Museum is housed in Newark Houses Museum & Gardens, which strives to record Leicester’s military history throughout the years. The museum has an authentic World War I trench and artefacts from the regiment’s military history going back to the Tudors. The museum also tells the history of Leicester and its surroundings. And it is a regular host of many events related to the city and its past.

6. Leicester Guildhall

Leicester Guildhall

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The Guildhall in Leicester is a listed timer building that has served as a town hall, meeting place, and courtroom since the 1390s. The Guildhall was the original site of Britain’s third-oldest library and has hosted countless historical debates and events, notably during the English Civil War in the 17th century. The structure is now a museum and a performance space, and it was here that the news conference revealing the discovery of Richard III’s bones was held in 2012.

7. Leicester Market

Leicester Market

Leicester Market, Europe’s biggest covered outdoor market, is well worth a visit, with over 270 distinct vendors. The market is around 800 years old and has been in its current position for almost 700 years. Six days a week, Leicester Market offers everything you could want right in the city’s heart.

8. Phoenix Film and Art Centre

Phoenix Film and Art Centre

The Phoenix Film and Art Centre in Leicester is a centre for independent art and cinema. The Phoenix gallery exhibits local and international artists, while the theatre plays a diverse range of films, from Hollywood blockbusters to small-budget independent ventures. The institution also has its cafe bar where food and beverages offer, enabling you to remain for as long as you wish, creating an immersive and wholesome experience.

9. Belgrave Hall & Gardens

Belgrave Hall

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Belgrave Hall is an 18th-century building on Leicester’s northern outskirts that now serves as a museum. The museum’s genuine interior recounts everyday life in the house throughout history and showcases numerous domestic goods and artefacts.

Belgrave Hall also features a small walled garden with artificial grass, which provides a peaceful respite from the rush and bustle of modern-day city life. Belgrave Hall is possibly most known for the two ghosts seen on the building’s security cameras, which have kept ghost hunters and paranormal researchers interested in the property ever since.

10. Attend a Live Music

Attend a Live Music

Performance Leicester is a historic city with many listed buildings and well-preserved historical sites. However, it is vital to remember that Leicester is also a city of enormous contemporary cultural significance today. Visit one of the city’s numerous music venues to see all types of groups play, from tiny up-and-coming student partnerships to big bands and worldwide musicians.

The city’s music culture is dynamic and energetic, and you should have no trouble finding something to your liking. For almost a century, De Montfort Hall has functioned as a cultural centre for the people of Leicester, positioned on the fringes of the city’s lovely Victoria Park.


The cultural revitalisation has occurred throughout the city. The city centre is rebuilt to make it more pedestrian-friendly, and more of its extraordinary 2000-year history is documented. Many areas of the city are deemed old, having Roman-era historical structures, ruins, and battles.

The city brilliantly represents a contemporary British metropolis, with history around every turn. Leicester has something for everyone: history, shopping, or family entertainment. Above is our complete guide to the best 10 things to do in Leicester.


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