To build credibility for your business, you need a professional email that uses your domain name. The unique domain name will be memorable for your customers.

To your benefit, a separate business email will help you organize and separate your personal and business tasks. New employees? No worries. A business email will let you easily activate emails for new employees and deactivate emails for former employees.

But how do you choose between the many email hosting providers in the UK? What is the right pick for a small business like yours, especially given budget constraints?

We have gathered enough data to help you answer these questions. Find the best and cheapest test email hosting provider in the UK in 2022.

8 Best Email Hosting UK – Top Providers Compared for Pricing

1.  SeekaHost


Starting at only £0.75/month, SeekaHost is one of the cheapest email hosting providers in the UK and definitely one of your top picks. Here are the packages available.


For only £0.75/month, you get 1 mailbox and 5GB of email storage.


For only £2.25/month, you get 3 mailboxes and 15GB of email storage.


For only £7.50/month, you get 10 mailboxes and 50GB of email storage.


For only £15.00/month, you get 20 mailboxes and 100GB of email storage.

  • The best thing about this provider is that there are no additional or hidden business rates.
  • In all these packages, you get anti-spam protection, private, ad-free email, flexible storage option, fully localized webmail and 24/7 Expert Support.

2.  SiteGround


SiteGround offers three pricing plans. If you sign up for a plan, you get free website hosting for 1 website. Here are the packages available.


At £5.99/month, you get one 2GB mailbox


At £8.99/month, you get one 4GB mailbox


At £12.99/month, you get one 6GB mailbox

With SiteGround, you get free email and SSL with each package.

Zoho Workspace

Zoho Workspace comes with Zoho Mail. With it, you can send a quick stream message to colleagues and include shared email inboxes. Hence, it really suits collaboration. Here are the packages available.

Free plan

Zoho mail is free for up to 5 users and allows you to have 5GB of storage per user.

Standard plan

After 5 users, you need to pay £4/user/month for the Standard plan. It includes email hosting for multiple domains and 30GB of storage per user. You also get access to Zoho Office Suite, Docs, and Cliq.

Professional plan

For £6.04/user/month, you get 100GB storage per user and access to Zoho Connect.

  • Zoho mail is extremely attractive and potentially free. However, what turns business owners away is the Zoho Workspace itself.
  • You will have to switch to other Zoho workspace tools to get the most out of Zoho Mail.
  • You should have the flexibility to work on other platforms that are more suited to your day-to-day activities.

4.  MailGun


MailGun is a mail API that you can use to send, receive, or track emails. It doesn’t allow you to burst to send emails because it uses secure protocols to keep your emails safe. Here are the packages available.


You get 5,000 emails for one month for free. If you go beyond 5,000 emails, you’ll be charged £0.86/1,000 emails.


At £30 a month, you get 50,000 emails/month. Extra emails will cost you £0.86/1,000 emails.


You get 100,000 emails/month for £69. Extra emails cost £0.69/1,000 emails.


You get 100,000 emails/month for £77.63. Extra emails cost £0.69/1,000 emails.

5.  123-Reg

123-Reg allows you to connect and manage your email account from any online device, queue up tasks, create calendar events and stay organized from one place. Here are the available packages.


For £1.49/ month, you get 1 email address using your domain and 500MB of email storage.


For £4.99/ month, you get 1 email address and 25GB Email Storage.

Microsoft 365

For £8.70/ month, you get a free domain name, full access to the Microsoft 365 suite, 1 email address and 50 GB of email storage.

6.  tsoHost


At tsoHost, you get emails with features like floating windows and attachment drag and drop, which can help you save a lot of time. Here are the available packages.


At £0.99/month, +20% VAT, you get 1 GB of storage and 1 mailbox. The annual renewal price is £11.88.


At £0.99/month +20% VAT, you get 10 GB storage and 1 mailbox. The annual renewal price is £23.88.


At £1.49/month +20% VAT, you get 30 GB storage and 1 mailbox. The annual renewal price is £35.88

You also get a shared calendar, contacts and tasks to promote collaboration.

7.  Office 365

Office 360

One of the biggest perks of Office 365 is that you can send files of up to 150Mb in size. Office 365 is, however, really expensive. But that is because email hosting is only a part of all the other services they provide. Here are the plans available.


For £4.83/user/month, you get a 50 GB mailbox.


For £10.16/user/month, you get a 50 GB mailbox, and you can enable a large cloud archive.


For £17.84/user/month, you get a 50 GB mailbox that allows you to share calendars. You can also set up new user emails and create custom scripts.

With these plans, you also get a ton of other benefits like 1 TB of cloud storage, advanced threat protection and access to Microsoft apps which explains the high pricing.

8.  Hostinger


Hostinger is cheap, popular, secure and ad-free. The platform provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee and 24/7 customer support. Here are the pricing plans.

Business Starter

For £0.99/month/mailbox, you get 10 GB of email storage, 10 forwarding rules and 50 email aliases.

Business Premium

For £2.49/month/mailbox, you get 30 GB of email storage, 50 forwarding rules and 50 email aliases.

  • The platform also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with the email hosting service.
  • To find an email hosting provider that works for your business, figure out how many mailboxes and storage you need.
  • After that, you can shortlist your options. Look at the additional features that are provided for the same price.

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