Are you aware that an average funeral today can cost around £ 30, 000? For many people, this can be expensive in this state of economy. Many do not know that it is possible to spend less than that amount and have a beautiful send-off for your loved one.

Choosing cheap funerals does not mean you don’t care for your deceased loved one. You may not afford an expensive one or be planning something else. The great news is that creativity makes it possible to have a great send-off without breaking the bank. In other words, it is possible to have a cheap funeral that does not look cheap. Here are ways to do it.

Ways to Plan a Cheap Funeral in 2024

1. Pre-Pay the Funeral

Pre-Pay the Funeral

The death of a loved one brings emotions, and there are many decisions to make in a short period. Often, the people left behind have exorbitant funeral expenses because they may not have enough money, and there are quick decisions to make. Pre-planning helps save unnecessary costs and protects inflating costs. Pre-paying provides a chance to make thoughtful funeral plans and leaves no room for mistakes when under high emotions.

2. Choose Direct Cremation

Direct cremation is by far the cheapest and most affordable funeral choice today. It can cost as low as £895. With direct cremation, you can have the cheapest funeral as you send off your loved one. Other than cremation, the service providers also provide additional services like:

  • Transporting the body to the cremation chamber
  • Providing the run container
  • Getting cremation permits and death certificates

Therefore, look for a reliable direct cremation provider who can provide customizable packages suitable for your needs.

3. Have a Budget

Have a Budget

Another way to make your funeral cheap is to create a budget and save enough money to cover the costs. You will begin by clarifying the funeral services you need and how much they will cost you. Write down the estimated costs and stick to the budget you create.

4. Negotiate

One good reason for having a budget is to allow you to negotiate. Instead of waiting for the funeral home to control you, you will have a statement of how much you want to spend so they know what works for you. That way, you will not accept offers blindly, and the service provider will create a price that suits your budget.

5. Choose Direct Burial

Another cheap burial option is direct burial. It is like a traditional burial but avoids the expenses of a funeral ceremony. There is no viewing, visitation, or even embalming. You also don’t need a graveside service to send off the loved one. However, talking with the funeral home about this option is advisable since it may have different charges. You can choose a formal service immediately after the burial or later when you are ready.

6. Buy Your Cremation Urn

Buy Your Cremation Urn

As mentioned, funeral homes have prices for their items. That means you may pay more for the cremation urn. A good idea for saving money is buying your urn. Apart from saving money, you can also pick from the numerous options and buy a beautiful one. The good thing is that you can purchase high-quality cremation urns online.

7. Pick a Simple Casket

Some people upsell their caskets when people come to them in need. If you are planning cremation after the memorial or visitation, it may be worth buying a cheap casket or renting one. It is an affordable choice, and you can even order one online. You can also hire someone cheaper to craft a casket for you.

8. Skip Embalming

Many funeral homes used to embalm bodies as a way of preserving them. This process is expensive, and dangerous chemical called formaldehyde is used. Although embalming is a comforting thing that assures you that your loved one’s body is well preserved, it means you will need to pay something for the preservation.

So, it is good when planning a cheap funeral to skip embalming to prevent your final bill from swelling up. Furthermore, not embalming is a way of conserving the environment. It may be a good idea to consider direct cremation or burying to avoid the need for embalming.

9. Shop Around

Shop Around

Funeral homes should provide a range of services. This helps you compare the cost of their services with others from different funeral homes. You may save a good amount of money based on what you are looking for. So, shop around and choose a service that suits your budget.

10. Avoid Upsells

Funeral homes create prices for items like urns and caskets. That means you may have to pay more for an urn or a casket than you would for buying elsewhere. That is why it is advisable to have a budget to know how much you want to spend on such items. Planning in advance is vital to avoid making last-minute and costly decisions.


A funeral can be expensive without proper planning. Fortunately, having a cheapest funeral and providing adequate care and respect to your loved one is possible. So, list everything you will need for the funeral and find out how to downscale the cost.

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