Amid a worsening climate crisis and costs for materials and energy climbing higher and higher, it’s high time for businesses of all kinds to think sustainably.

No matter if you’re selling socks or cement, there are many different ways in which you can operate with the health of the planet in mind.

Eco-friendly policies may soon become just as much a staple of businesses as everyday things like ordering from suppliers, paying rent on-premises, or your shop insurance policy.

So here are some reasons why sustainability initiatives can be of benefit to you and some ways you may be able to go about it.

What going green can do for your business?

What going green can do for your business

When we think of sustainability, thoughts immediately turn to the greater good; protecting the planet for future generations and safeguarding our own time on Earth is key.

But sustainability could also improve the health of your business too. For example, sourcing supplies more sustainably may help you streamline costs or processes, turning more of your revenues into profits.

Sticking by your eco credentials can also make your company a more attractive one to work for or invest in.

How to implement changes to your business?

How to implement changes to your business

Even seemingly small changes can soon add up when it comes to running your business with the planet in mind.

  • Cut down on paper use: Give customers the choice of taking a receipt or not. Store invoices digitally rather than printing them. Utilise digital contracts for staff members and suppliers.
  • Use recycled packaging: This may take a bit of designing and planning, but you may find that customers will engage with your brand more if you use recycled materials, potentially benefitting both the environment and your business.
  • Stock sustainably sourced products: Whether it’s slow fashion or timber sourced from sustainable forestry, there is now a much greater focus on businesses taking care to be discerning when choosing where they source products and materials from.
  • Refit your premises for sustainability: Small changes like using LED bulbs can reduce your energy use and save you money over time. Installing an air or ground-source heat pump or solar panels may be a greater upfront cost, but both can significantly cut your reliance on gas and oil and give you cheaper energy bills.

How to advertise your sustainability goals?

How to advertise your sustainability goals

While the most important benefit to all this is helping the planet’s climate recover from the strain it has been put under, being proud of your commitment to sustainability can stretch a bit further than that.

If you’ve implemented a new policy with the environment in mind, talking about it on platforms such as social media can showcase your business to potential customers. It can also kickstart vital conversations across other businesses and their owners, potentially inspiring them to take similar steps.

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