The way we use apps in our day-to-day lives has changed dramatically in the past few years. We went from having a few social media apps to having an app for almost everything that we do. A Statista study found that the smartphone user count has grown from 3.6 billion users in 2016 to over 6.7 billion users in 2023. In the same study, it’s estimated that by 2028, that number will grow to a whopping 7.74 billion! That’s A LOT! So, whether you use apps for connectivity or convenience, you can expect app usage to be at the forefront of your daily digital experiences. But which ones do you absolutely have to have?

Essential apps for 2024 – maximize your phone’s potential

Entertainment and Gaming

Entertainment and Gaming

One of the best ways to blow off some steam is to play. Before your inner voice scolds you for it, here’s a shocking stat that’ll silence that voice completely: Surgeons who played video games for more than 3 hours a week made 37% fewer mistakes and were 27% faster than their non-player colleagues. You don’t have to be a surgeon to enjoy the benefits of play. From elaborate plot lines to winning slots, we all need a little bit of fun and entertainment in our lives, and what better way to play than via an app? Trusted online casinos like those on a casino app list are all the rage right now as they are the best place to play fun games and try to win some cash at the same time!

Health & Wellness

A healthy mind, body, and soul is the key to living a more joyous, fulfilling life. But in the fast-paced world we live in, how can we go about managing our health? There’s an app for that. Multiple apps, actually. Whether you meditate, do yoga, or need to make an appointment to see a therapist, the right health and wellness apps make things easier than ever before. For example, if fitness and nutrition are your main focus this year, Noom is one of the best apps for that. Noom has helped over 3,627,436 people lose weight, and it can help you eat more mindfully while forming positive habits.

Managing Money

Managing Money

Did you invest or save as much money as you had initially planned to in the last year? You might need to learn a bit more about financial literacy. Apps like Emma and Moneyhub can help you keep track of your spending, while Cleo and Tandem are the best to use when saving money. 2024 is the year of financial discipline. Take the daunting task of getting back on track and automate it.

Personalized News

With so much information on the internet, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. You can manage the information overload by curating content based on what you like, making it much easier to stay informed about the things that matter to you. A great example of this would be the Pocket app. Pocket is a news and information app that allows you to customize your font, listen to audio playbacks of the latest news, and save some articles for later.

Language Learning

Mobile Apps You Need In 2024 - Language Learning

There’s no better time to start learning a new language than today. Why? Because it’s cool to be cultured, and it helps a lot in professional situations. The best part? You don’t have to leave the house to learn a new language. With language-learning apps like Busuu and Duolingo, you get feedback from your peers, play fun activities while learning, and have access to a number of activities that improve your comprehension skills.


In conclusion, as we step into 2024, our options are endless, but it’s up to us to make smart decisions. These five essential mobile app types cater to the most important parts of our lives. So, make the most out of your phone, enrich your experiences, and empower yourself in the best ways possible in 2024.

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