Magic is something that intrigues all of us, and irrespective of age, we all love to watch a good magic show. But has it ever happened to you that you wanted to know more but could not find the right information? Here we have covered all the interesting facts about the magic and magicians.

Top 10 Facts That You Need To Know About Magic

We have tried to curate the most interesting topics about magic so you can know more about this mystic world from the most exciting and famous magicians.

  1. The term magic comes from the Greek word Mageia, and it also has a Persian base where it is popularly referred to as Magos.
  2. There was a time when magicians were thought to be the pure devil and associated with the worship and practice of the occult. However, today that is not the case anymore, and it is just like any other form of performing art.Magic is a Form of Art
  3. Magic is science, and although it is a bit unbelievable, it is true. Magic is a form of science that is not much known about, but it tends to combine the unknown facts of physics and chemistry. The use of illusion and delusion are at the highest level.
  4. Maths is very important in magic. You have to calculate the right time frame. Otherwise, the performance could end up in a disaster. Simple mathematics like addition, subtraction, and time knowledge is crucial.
  5. The classic look of a magician was made popular by a French magician named Hermann the Great. It was noted that after his monumental performance, everyone wanted to see magicians in a particular look, and that has continued to go on even today.See Magicians in a Particular Look
  6. Heard of the term hocus pocus. Well, it is derived from a famous sorcerer named OchusBochus. The mention of his name was seen in the great Norse Mythology, which is indeed very popular.
  7. Did you know that the books related to magic are much more sold than any other genre of a book every year? Not only that, the number of these sales figures tends to go up every other day, which can point towards magic’s popularity and how all love it.
  8. There is a central or head circle of magicians in Germany, with more than 2800 magicians associated with the body. This body’s work is to ensure that they can keep a watch on the working of other magicians and shows as per the ethical guidelines.
  9. The word abracadabra goes back to the third century; yes, you read it right! It was believed that these spells had a magic power, which the commoners did not know.
  10. All of us have seen the trick where a person is just divided into half, right? Well, that is one of the most poignant forms of illusion to date.

Although we have talked about ten of the most interesting facts about magic, magicians must maintain some secrets. After all, not knowing would add to the fun of the magic show, right? If you are planning for virtual team building activities, Magic shows are one of the best option.

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